Monday, August 20, 2012

Etchings of life

Perhaps it is the origin of graffiti or perhaps that started long ago with the Greeks or Romans, but we as humans have an innate desire to leave our mark behind.  I love surfaces like this that are worn, marked and show life has been there.  These were from an old one room school house in the Blue Ridge Mountains and they spoke to me as marks left behind by another civilization and time.  Like the Rossetta Stone a message is transcribed from one cultural group to another by lines scratched, not into clay, but into wood and chalk boards.  They whisper of young girls in long dresses and  boys in overalls carrying  a pail with biscuits and cold meat for lunch, long walks through mountain trails to find a way to learning, these lines speak of those who went before us and left their mark of time and experience.

Photo by Elizabeth Gordon

photo by elizabeth gordon

photo by elizabeth gordon

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