Monday, August 6, 2012

Art of the Olympics

Ackroyd and Harvey(click)
British Photographers

Another two amazing artists of the Olympics.  There work is innovative and fresh....literally fresh-it is grass!  They have a method of putting detailed photographic images on who canvases of grass.  As unbelievable as it sounds, these stunning art works can last up to a year with living natural grass.   The discovery that led to two photographers working with images on grass happened accidentally.  They had an installation with grass and had left a ladder in front of the area...they noticed after the exhibit was over the ladder had left an impression, so began their experimentation. Artist are so similar to scientist for it is often an area of discovery, trial and error.  Think of who invented the crayon, or the idea of a fresco, or using ground bone for paint...artist experiment and create.  Ackroyd and Harvey are members of that fine tradition of artist experimenters!
Ackroyd and Harvey, British Photographers                     from google image
Typographic metal rings at London Olympics designed by Ackroyd and Harvey                                 from google image
The 7 rings designed(click for link) by Ackroyd and Harvey are through the park.  They have typographic letter in the metal and are designed to grow into the trees!  So fascinating.  It will be a permanent image of the 2012 Olympics.
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