Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Journals of Daniel Eldon


Daniel Eldon was a journalist for Reuters in 1993.  He was young, compassionate, bright and altruistic.  He was an exceptional person with a big heart.  He grew up in Kenya and cared deeply about the problems that he saw in Africa, especially Somalia.  He was killed at the young age of 22 by the very people he tried so hard to help.  But his journals and drawings are quite remarkable.  He completed a series of journals that were rich in image and experience.  After his death his Mother worked diligently to find someone to publish them.  She finally succeeded and now they are used for university courses, art room projects and as resources for artists.  I have given the book to many art students I taught who were going on to art school and to young adults who I thought would want to read about a life of value.  I encourage all of you to experience his journals.  I will leave you several links to read more about this amazing young man and his life and his journals.  A short film was made about his heroic efforts and a tribute by his Mother.(click)  
Website on Daniel Eldon(click)

                                                                                                                                                                             from google image
from google image
List of art journals and journaling from Goodreads.(click)
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