Monday, August 13, 2012

Sometimes it is just the way you look at things

photo by Elizabeth Gordon


I think the way one looks at things is inevitably most interesting of moments...I took dozens of sunset pictures from my friends JB and Dumont's deck, but one of my favorite photo's is a reflection with the sunset captured in the background.  It captures so many feelings: nature, warmth, friendship, an evening of relaxation and a glowing light deep in the woods of the Blue Ridge mountains.  The trees shadowed, a table set, and a light beckoning...that is when a visual becomes a poem for me.  
There are so many moments we miss, just off the side of a glance, a quick blur of a moment....there is a scene that is etched in my mind from one of my favorite movies...Dr.  Zhivago when he is riding in the carriage in the snow and looks up to see a candle burning and glowing in a window where he knows Julia is...that one scene captures so much is such simplicity. 
 There is much in your life that is just taken in quickly, but dismissed because we are busy or think it is not important.  Those moments are some of the most beautiful and can speak to us the most deeply if we just pay attention.  Take time and look when you are most unlikely to look and it is in those moments you will find some of the most precious gems of life.  

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