Thursday, August 9, 2012


We have transitions in art and life.  Today it is time for Rabbit's Moon studio to transition from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the more tropical environment of Southern Florida.  We are on the move this summer with Florida, New Orleans, and back up to the Mountains for the fall...all in our sites..and sights.  I thought I would leave you with an amazing sunset picture of the New Found Mountain range in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville.  
A special thank you to Judy Baker and Ann Cook for their million dollar view from the their deck...all of our sunset pictures came from their deck with a bottle of wine and some amazing dinners.  Their dogs Winnie, Sassy, Abbie, and Coco assisted us greatly.  
In life's transitions friends make the journey a joy.  

photo by elizabeth gordon
This photo is so amazing to me because it is the last glimpse of light by seconds before the sunset is gone.  Its colors are not typical of purple and pinks, but more sepia orange and black.  It could be an abstract picture.  So we transition from day to night and back to day again as this world turns on its axis.  And we also turn on our axis of life from one moment to another.  So with love, lets say goodbye to the Blue Ridge Mountain...and it will transition in our absence from summer to fall.  
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