Friday, August 17, 2012


If you want to receive Rabbit's Moon Blog in your mail box daily, then hit subscribe or join blog.  We are getting ready for another on site series of art articles from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.  And in the fall the studio will be permanently set up in the Blue Ridge Mountain Studio through November.  So we will go from the swamps of the bayou's, to Bourbon Street, to mountains and vista's of the Blue Ridge and Smokey mountains.  We will be looking at art and culture in only on site research and interviewing can do.  We will meet new artists and interesting people, look at the foods and culture of the areas we visit together. 

 I am well aware as this blog goes world wide many of you are far away and will travel with me virtually, so I want to make that as real as possible for you.  We don't all have the ability to travel as we would like or the money to fly across the world, but thanks to technology I can offer you the view of art and culture from my side of the world and my expertise as an artist and teacher of 37 plus years. I think it also helps I have lived in Asia and the Middle East, it gives me a broader understanding of the world you might live it and the place you call home. We will also continue to cover art world wide and articles of interest to you as an artist, art lover, or art teacher, or art advocate. 

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