Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Work from Glass Class

My first memory of glass as art, other than church windows, was Marc Chagall and his stained glass windows. On a trip to Israel I was mesmerized with the dream like images with light pouring through. This is new work by other classmates from my most recent weekly class. The first picture is one of pendants being made using diachronic class. Yo may recall some of my earlier work in diachronic...each artist has their own approach and style this is using a black glass background.

The picute showing the tray with multiple projects is interesting because it shows a range of student work. One with a triangular shape, one using grit, and two using slump molds to make plates or dishes. The large yellow plate with the still life of wine and fruit is striking. Controlling glass as it melts is not an easy matter, but as you can see my classmate was very successful. The photo on the upper right shows a mold use to form four separate squares the same size and design. If you are working in glass fusion, there are a variety of techniques to use.
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