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The Secret Photographic Art of Vivian Maier 
photographs found in a box by an unknown photographer, the lost talent of Vivian Maierr  

Vivian with her Rolleiflex 
There is many a fascinating hidden story in art history, but this is one of the best I have run across.  An unknown photographer discovered after her death by the discovery of a lost box of negatives. 
A treasure of art was found. Vivian  was  an intensely private individual who did not share her art with anyone. She wandered through her neighborhood with her Rolleiflex taking pictures that captured her attention.  The people seem to be looking directly at her, but the double lens of the handheld camera can make one think it is not really aimed at a person.  So they may never have been aware their picture was being taken. She captures the essence of humanness and a wonderful honesty of life. She took over 100,000 photo's in Chicago and in her travels. Why she did not share her art we may never know, but when she died at 83 she left us a wonderful gift that  could have gone undiscovered, but for the curiosity of a man who found a box and bought it at an auction for $400 not knowing what was inside!   

Vivian Maier 

Vivian Maier was a nanny who took care of other peoples children and had none of her own. She lived alone and kept to herself except for her journeys in her surrounded area and travels with her camera.  Toward the end of her life three of the children she had taken care of in turn pooled together and took care of her, getting her an apartment and helping to support her. They were never aware of her lockers of 100'000 negatives she had amassed over the years.  After her death some of her goods and lockers were sold at auction.  A historian bid on a box that he bought unseen and didn't know what was inside. To his surprise his $400 dollars bought an art collection by an undiscovered unrecognized master of American photography.

Vivian Maier/Street Photographer
The work of Vivian Maier                                                                                             from google for education purposes only

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