Friday, August 16, 2013


Caine's Arcade
  I am increasingly convinced one person can make a difference in this world.  Perhaps it is passion, perhaps it is intent, and perhaps it is by accident, but how we live our lives, how we give to others, is important not only for others, but for ourselves.  And I more convinced with every day that is our purpose on the Earth.  In giving to others, we give to ourselves.  In enriching others, we enrich the community we live in and make it a better place for all of us.
Rosa Parks Sits in the Front of the Bus Shocking
 the Social Order of the  Time
Ai Wei Wei Dissident Chinese Artist

My Students making Matisse Art
Sometimes I think it is quite by accident like the 9 year old boy who loved being creative so much, the pureness of his act effected others nationwide.  To make a cardboard arcade with tape and scrap cardboard boxes, to have the naive idea to sell tickets and have a business at 9 years old.  Or to be so determined to do something no matter how difficult your handicap may be, as in the case of Helen Keller, that you can overcome seemingly unsurmountable odds, that is determination.
 Or to be one lady on a bus who takes a seat in the front of the bus and sets the world on fire, as Rosa Parks did when she challenged the social order of the day.  Or to be Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned for years due to his quest to change South Africa's unjust social order.

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night                from google for education only
  Or to pick up a brush and to dare to paint differently than every artist before you and shock the art world with your brush strokes like Vincent Van Gogh.  And to stand in front of a tank and defy overwhelming force to bring attention to the need for freedom, and one man did in China.

Elizabeth Gordon, Art Advocate in Washington D.C.
Even thought I am a retired teacher I am never a retired
art advocate and artist.
It is my belief that art can change lives and change the world.  I believe so deeply in the power of the arts to effect and enable people I have spent my entire life in art education, art advocacy and in the making of art.  Starting this blog and being intent on posting every day about the value of art in  people's lives is my attempt to make a different. Some blogs have teams of people behind them to help write, organize and post.  This blog is just me, one person sharing, researching, posting, talking and believing.  What ever your passion is, what ever you talent is, what ever your intent is, just put it out there and the universe has a way of supporting you when you do. Good journey, my friends start today, touch someones life, give a little more than you take, be a little kinder, be a little more understanding, be a little more tolerant, and above all believe in yourself and your abilities. Now go forth do good, and make a difference.
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