Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Next Stop on Our Open Studio Tour of Leicester

Gallery downstairs
Leicester Open Art Studio Tour continues with the work and studio of Olga Dorenko.  Olga is a tiny mite of a woman, but  I think a power house also.  I would have liked to talk more to her about her background and art, but it was a busy day for her with lots of visitors. I did find out she is from Russia.  Her art is detailed, skilled and imaginative.  You can feel the fall leaves brilliant orange as they burst forth like the sun behind a barn or the swirl of the mountain winds as they sweep leaves into a funnel of fall frenzy.  Her brush strokes are incredibly fine and smooth.  I think her paintings are so finely painted it must take her a very long time for one painting.  She had a two story studio, with exhibition space below and her painting studio above.  The home was separate with a pool and gazebo.  It looked quite wonderful.  I can only imagine.  I hope to learn more about Olga and her work in future shows.  In the meantime I will share these photo's with you and link you with her website.  

view from painting studio upstairs

View of gazebo, pool and home
Upstairs Painting Studio with skylights for natural light

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