Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We heard about this last stop at lunch. Our tour included a special stop at The Turkey Creek Dinner where we had a wonderful meal and discount coupon included on our tour map!  We had wonderful country meal and heard the buzz about a must see place.  We heard it was a straw and bale house and even had a chandelier in the bathroom.  This road was even more of a challenge than the ones before, it was one lane with high hedges, just like in the English countryside.  
It turns out Rachel Clearfield is 
from England and from a very artistic family.  Both of her parents were artist, and many of her siblings are well known artists in England. Rachel's work is exquisite and magical.  She paints flowers, landscapes and still life.  I would call her work realistic, but it seems magical realism, rather than photographic real.  The house was charming.  She and her husband Ron built the straw and bale house themselves.  They also made mosaic floors, counters, and shower walls themselves.  They found the marble in a landfill and paid $25 a load!!  The house is filled with English Cottage style charm.  It is warm, cozy and delightful. 

Reclaimed Landfilled Marble Mosaic 

Mosaic Behind Wood Burning Stoe 
Breathtaking view on the Kitchen Deck
Rental Lodge living and Dinning Room
Cottage Bedroom
Cottage Shower with Chandelier 

A White Horse Outside Your Cottage Window

Ron is a cello player and has played with the Miami Symphony, Jacksonville and Atlanta Symphonies.  He is now producing and selling his own wonderful cds.  He has one on silence and one on healing that I love and plan to buy soon.  
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