Monday, August 19, 2013

Leicester Open Art Studio 
is not unlike many Open Studio's across the United States where artists open their own studio's for people to come view their work and buy from them directly.  The advantage for you is that you can usually buy artists work at a much cheaper price than in galleries where it is marked up as much as 50%!  It is a win-win relationship for artists and patrons, besides it is so much fun to see each studio and how an artist works. 
The only difference I know is that it 
might help to have a 4 wheel drive!  
The postmen in this area have subaru's!  Just teasing really, we had a two wheel drive and made it just fine. 

The Second artist on our list we went to see was another potter.  Her name is Denise Dvortze ....Driving in to the property we passed a little barn with Pablo and his goats.
This is Pablo the guard Llama
  Llama's make good guard dogs and he is very attentive to his goats and looks after the very well. Just that week one of the goats was very ill and he stood over her guarding while he spit on Denise and her husband who were trying to help. 
The pond with the water falls is man made, but looked very realistic.  

This is a man made pond just outside the patio
 The owner and her husband built the pond and waterfalls with help from a pond designer.  I wondered if the Koi could live through the winters here, and they said they could as long as the water is running and at least 4 Ft. deep.
The Koi live year round in the pond

As we went through
 the day we say many wonderful spots where artists built or designed their own studios.  They are so tucked away deep on the back roads in the mountains you would never know they were there.
There were two potters showing here.  The owners Denise and Ron had invited another potter by the name of Cat who was showing her work in the gazebo.  Below are examples of Cat's work.  Both potter had nice glazes.  Rachel had a beautiful glaze that she achieved at a lower firing while Cat's were fired at a much hotter temperature.  Both glazes were beautiful.

Kats glazes were really beautiful, the photo does not do them justice.

Whimsical Bird House

Pitcher, flower pot and jewelry

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