Monday, August 26, 2013

The Methane Gas that brought artists to the mountains.

EnergyXchange is a non profit organization that uses methane gas from   the land fill it sit on. The gas is piped in from the field below. Following are  photo's of two artist in residency. A three year residency is offered by review of a panel of judges.  Artists from all over the USA apply and then a selection process narrows them down to to the selectees. 
 The idea was born of   several   companies that were ecologically concerned, joining  together to find a way to use methane gas that is a by prouduct  in land fills.  The companies decided they wanted to use this energy in a way that would help sustain a community and bring artists into the areas. It has achieved both and been an active agent of change for the community.

Pottery Artist in Residence

 They formulated a  program that would offer  three year residencies to artist that would work on site and teach classes. The program has been very successful. The two artists below are just finishing up their program.  One is buying a house in the area and does  not want to leave the area.  She says the sense of community is so strong among the artists in the area.                              

Potter's Studio sits along side Glass Studio and Plant Nursery Buildings 

Glass blowing studio uses methane gas for hot shop

Glass Art from glass studio

Potter in residence

Finished work in the Potters Studio
A program of growing native plants to be shared in the community is also part of this program.  There are three hot houses that grow native plants.  Some plants are to help farmers whose business revives around growing Christmas trees.  
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