Friday, August 9, 2013

The Art of The Beer Label

When Did Beer Labeling start? It seems labels started appearing on beer bottles during the Civil War.more... 
Isn't it interesting how the arts are every where in every part of our lives.  Before labels were used raised lettering was imprinted on the glass bottle, but the need to advertise and add more information brought labeling into being. 
Asheville being the Beer Capital of American has some unique labels for their micro breweries. These bold labels below speak of new bold flavors and a younger approach to beer making, the micro brewery.  You might say that is not new, micro brewing, that is finding new life among a newer generation.  Asheville even has a bus that takes you to breweries and pubs.

OLD SCHOOL ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA       google image for educational purposes only 
Asheville Breweries     
Reading about other creative labels

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