Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Friend and art lover Sally accompanying me to an art opening at the
Hirshhorn Gallery in Washington D.C.
Elizabeth Gordon as art advocate, meeting with the staff of
Congresswoman Kathy Castor in Washington D.C.
We are at 89,879 visits to our blog worldwide!!! Sometime today we will reach 90,000 hits.  An incredible feat for a little blog 

that started two 
 short years ago with a computer and an artist/teacher/advocate who sat down and just started typing. What a journey it has been!  Along the way I have met so many interesting 
artists, writers, craftsmen and interesting people.  Being a quasi journalist has given me permission to talk to and interview people in a way I never could have before. 
Meeting British Artist  Martin Stynes art work at the Morean Art Center.  In a few short weeks I will meet Martin, himself!  Manchester, England to Florida to North Carolina, this is the connection of art!
Visiting the Opening of the Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Exhibition
at the Hirshhorn Gallery in Washington D.C.
 People love to talk about their art, their beliefs and their passions.  And I love to give them a format, as well as, to promote the arts in every way possible.   I love to share my platform as well, and as a result we have guest authors from time to time.  
Artist Lee Benjamin/St. Petersburg, Florida
Florida Craftsmen Studios
I am very humbled and thankful for the support you as readers and art lovers have given Rabbit's Moon Studio these past two years.  Your support as readers has given us the energy and drive to post everyday for two years.  
Javier T. Jones, Copper Artist   St. Petersburg Florida

So when we reach this benchmark of 90,000 I will announce it and we will celebrate together.  Then it will be onwards to the golden goal of 100,000.  When we reach that I plan a special surprise for my loyal readers as a big thank you!  You make Rabbit's Moon the success it is today!
Sunset on the Blue Ridge Mountain near Rabbit's Moon Studio Asheville North Carolina

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