Thursday, August 15, 2013


It seems that just that thought might be possible, one person, one idea, can change the world.
Anegla Zhang is a 17 year old teenager who just won $100,000 from Sienmens Math and Science competition for inventing a possible cure for cancer.  

She took the prize for inventing what she calls the,"swiss army knife of cancer treatments," a gold-iron oxide nano particle that can precisely deliver chemotherapy to cancer tumors but not the surrounding healthy tissue.
I wanted to note a comment the judges made that we as artists  understand and know that makes a difference in solving problems.
Here is the quote: "She showed great creativity and initiative," siad competition judge Tejal Desai in a statement.  "Her work is an important step in developing new approachers to the therapeutic targeting of tumors via nanotechnology.
Angela is using creative thinking and problem skills to solve an existing problem with a new approach. She is thinking out of the box and coming to new conclusions and solutions!
Whether in the arts or other fields creative thinking skills are essential in discovering new approaches to old problems.  This is very familiar territory for artists and we are delighted to see the new generation utilizing these thinking skills.

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