Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Fine Art of Beer Making and Drinking

Asheville, North Carolina aka Hops City          google image

Being at my Asheville studio is wonderful in so many ways, but to be in another environment and localized culture is something I really enjoy as an artist and writer.   Being in a different area, around different locale with new stimuli always awakens my senses.  So it with this is mind I share with you some of the influences of the Asheville and Blue Ridge Mountain area.

Asheville is the largest micro brewery town(click) in the United States per capita.  Beer is a big phenomena here.(click)  Every restaurant and bistro has a variety of brews made locally on tap.  There many brew pubs here that produce their own beers. 
Beer Festival in Asheville, North Carolina

Craft Beer drinking is part of the local past time(click) here and the reason for many tourists, along with the beauty of the mountains. One could call it an Art in Asheville for this is the town of fine crafts!  Sierra Nevada and New Belgium Beer breweries are moving to Asheville!  This is huge news for the city of fine beers.  It makes Asheville even more so the city to visit for the best beer around!

Take time and explore on line all the Micro Breweries in Asheville.  Click on the several links I have included here and tempt yourself to a visit.  It is well worth it.  Just this past week I was at The Oyster House which serves oysters from all over, and which happens to be a micro brewery also.  And yes they make a beer with oysters in it!!!!! Another one of my favorites is the Bier Garten which happens to be right across the street from my favorite bookstore, Malaprops. In the following post we will look at the art of Beer labels. Enjoy, have a brewski today and celebrate.
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