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Rosie the Riveter is an iconic image from World War II when women had to take over factory jobs that were traditionally filled by men, but with the guys off to war it was up to the women to fight the war effort at home.  And fill the jobs they did, they excelled and in the process women were liberated in a way they never had been before.  Women entered the labor force and never retreated again.  The image has been used a thousand ways for many reasons, because it is such a strong visual image!
Geraldine Hoff, 17 years old
the image that became Rosie

"Today is Labor Day in the United States, a day we honor the worker, the builder, the server, the fabric of our society.  So this image is a strong good image to honor this day.  But lets look at the history of this image and the artist. In 1942, Pittsburgh artist J. Howard Miller was hired by the Westinghouse Company's  War Production Coordinating Committee to cease a series of posters for the war effort.  One of the posters became the famous " We Can Do it?"-an image that in later years would be called Rosie the Riveter. , though it was never given this title during the war. Miller is thought to have based his art work from a photograph of Geraldine Hoff who was 17 and briefly working as a  metal stamping machine operator. The intent of the poster was to boost morale. " Wikipedia

Other iconic images of Labor.
Who took this photo?  I do not know.  If you do send it in on comment or to my e-mail  

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