Tuesday, September 3, 2013



British Abstract Landscape artist Martin Stynes is on his way for a visit to the United States.  He will visit galleries and museums in Florida and North Carolina. Martin will be sharing his ideas with artists in the Tampa Bay area and Asheville, North Carolina. Martin is already a member of the Morean Art Center and participates in their exhibits.  He is looking forward to networking with a variety of artists in this area and well as to experience the 
rich culture of the South and Mountain Highlands.  Rabbits Moon Studio will host Martin and his wife for part of their American stay.  

Martin Stynes   British Abstract Landscape Artist

We will be sharing our experience with Martin on his USA journey and with you.  It should be an exciting and creative trip.  Get ready for frequent articles and updates regarding Martins visit.  One of our first joint artist events will be an art party in Martins honor hosted by Mark Philipps, Lyman Zobell, and the studio's of Rabbit Moon.  There will be a variety of well known Tampa Bay area artists attending, networking and sharing.   There will be an array of Southern Food to introduce Martin to the culinary experience of the American South.  Art across the Ocean, what an exciting time!
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