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Frank is a delightful young man, full of generosity of spirit and a welcoming smile.  He is passionate and energetic about his art.  There is a bit of a shyness, but charmingly so.

 He draws you in when he talks about his art, into his vision and into his world.  When I walked into his studio and looked up at the work on his easel, it was stunning, not only in size, but in skill.  The canvas was amazingly smooth, almost slick and I asked him how he accomplished that.  Without hesitation he went to the back and brought out a flat tool that he skimmed the surface with and also shared he was painting on polyester.

Francesco Lombardo/Figurative Painter 
 Polyester absorbs the acrylic differently and the weave is tight and smooth, it gives the painting a very different effect.  Frank is an emerging talent who is at the beginning of his career. He began his studies and career in Baltimore, Maryland.  He has received a Fulbright Scholarship in art where he studied in Iceland for a year. His work has also been accepted for the Outwin Boochever Competition in the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery.

Smithsonian Outwin Boochever Portrait Show
He has also studied in Europe under a master painter.  Frank has much ahead of him and who ever represents him now will be investing in a burgeoning major talent.  He will need the right venue and the right agent to guide him to the correct markets.  Asheville is heavily craft oriented, a larger market or expo will be his best venue and then he will be heavily collected.

Francesco Lombardo/Figurative Painter                                              from google image for education only
 This is an artist to invest in if you are a collector and an artist with to represent if you are an agent, he is a young man with a brilliant career ahead of him.  

Great photo of Frank, shows so much about his warmth
and humility
Frank's studio in Marshall at the Island
Frank pretending not to pose

Lambardo, Frank, we here at Rabbit's Moon Studio wish you the best and much success!
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