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                                                                           with permission of the artist
from google image for education only
The most exciting thing about living in a new area is the constant sense of discovery.  Though I have had my Asheville studio for a number of years, I have not alway been able to be there as much as I would like.  Now I am getting to spend larger amounts of time here and see more of the art scene in Ashville and the surrounding areas.  This past week I met three very interesting artist.  You have already met Barbara Fisher in our last post. Now we will look at the art of Pam Winkler.  

from google with Pam's permission

Pam has a wonderful story about how she became a full time artist.  A few short years ago in 2008 there was a terrible crash in our economy which hit many people financially very hard.  Pam Winkler had been a successful architect until then. The crash hit and people stopped building homes, so people stopped needing architects to design homes.  So began a new hunt for an occupation for Winkler.  She tried many avenues in art, but found working in pastels to be her area.  Her work is rich and interesting and one can easily see the influence of the architect peaking through.  When I looked at her work I thought over and over that is the same angle I would have chosen, that is the same view I would have seen myself. 
Wonderful rich depth of color

 Pam and I met when I attended an art fair and open studio in Marshall, North Carolina this past week.  Pam has a studio in the wonderful venue, an old high school that has been turned into working studio's for artists. I had been by another day and peaked through a locked door at her work and thought I want to meet that artist! So the day of the open studio we went back with friends and Pam welcomed me into her studio warmly and we had a wonderful visit talking about her art, area art, and the community. She lives in Asheville, but keeps her studio in Marshall which is about a half hour or so away. 

The Pastel Art of Pam Winkler                            art posted from google with permission of artist

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