Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This Day 9/11 through the eyes of children

from google image for educational purposes
On this day 12 years ago I stood in my art room with a classroom of 30 fifth graders and their teacher when a call came across the intercom " Teachers go immediately to your computers and read you messages!"  The classroom teacher, Janell, was expecting twins and showing a good bit.  We read the words on my computer...a plane has hit the trade towers in NYC and Washington D.C. is under attack.  The information came in bits and dribbles, but we were immediately to secure our classrooms and keep the children calm.  Parents begin to call by the hundreds and to storm the school demanding their children.  
from google for education only
The school was reluctant to release the children because no one knew if it was safe to do so.  Finally the buses were called and the children were sent home.  We stayed until every child was picked up safely.  We now knew our country was under attack.  At that time no one knew how involved the attack was and who was responsible or if the attacks would continue.  In the following weeks thousands of young children sat in front of tv's watching images they did not understand.  Their parents leaving the tv's on in shock, but not understanding how these images would effect their children.  And effect young children it did.  There was no ignoring panicked frightened young children full of questions and fear. The best therapy I knew was to let them draw and to listen.  Here are some of the images children across the country recorded during those times.

from google for educational purposes only

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