Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One of the Most Famous Art Parties Ever!


The Dinner Party  by Judy Chicago                                           from google image for education only

Our Artist Party for Martin Stynes(Rabbit's Moon Studio with Nathan Mark Phillips, and Lyman Zobel) made me think about famous art parties.  Renoir's Boat Party certainly was one very famous party.  But one that was very historic in many ways was Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.  The Dinner Party was a defining installation for women's issues. 

 It is a huge project that is different place settings that form a triangle, all of which are symbolic.  I will give you a link for an exact description of the piece.  I had the pleasure of meeting Judy Chicago in person at a book signing in Tampa.  Due to being at the right place at the right time, it was just me and my partner Ann sitting and talking to Judy for quite awhile before the crowds came.

  It was a magic moment.  She was not pretentious, but down to Earth, real and committed to her art and women's rights seen through a historical context. Another caveat is that as famous as this piece of art is, it is so large it takes special storage which Judy was trying to raise money to cover!   It will be forever one of my favorite moments in life, that interaction.  So below lets explore Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.

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