Friday, September 6, 2013


Do you remember the Boat Party by Renior?  It made me think of the art part we are having tomorrow with some wonderful area artist and one of Rabbit's Moon favorite British artists, Martin Stynes.   Martin is a wonderful abstract landscape artist from Manchester, England.  He and his wife Barbara are delightful people, who bring a love of art and nature with them. Tonight their will be Rocky Bridges, Leslie Neuman, Joyce Ely Walker, David Bewley, Elizabeth Suggs, James Michael, Michele Teugle, Mark Philips, Lyman Zobel Betsy Lester, Rose Marie Prins, Kathie O'leary and many more.  It will be a wonderful group of artists, art lovers, and friends talking about creativity and sharing their common love of the arts.  I can not think of any thing more exciting and special than that.  Can you think of a venue in your area to bring artists together, then do so.  There is so much strength and energy when creative people get together and so much can happen and be generated from that communing of ideas.  So invited people, put out the food and wine, have them bring a dish and share, then open the evening to sharing and talking about art!!!
What could be better??!!!  Nothing!!!
Pictures and posts will follow about the gathering for you to share.

The Boat Party by Renior                             from google for Educational uses only
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