Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Raku and Glass Fusion Tomorrow!!!

I can hardly wait, Raku!

Raku Tongs/photo  by Elizabeth Gordon

 Being on the road for two weeks in New Orleans was wonderful, but I missed my classes and my art buddies.  It is so wonderful to discover new things and be in a studio atmosphere.  I am especially excited about Raku.  I have three pieces waiting to be fired.  I love the whole process of raku: the fire, the drama, and the surprise.  The new pieces are high relief, really sculptural.  They are based on nature, either insects, birds or flora.  I plan to work on a series of these as a homage to my Mother who will be 99 in April.  She was a biology and science teacher and taught me to love every thing in nature. I find that background appears and reappears in my work continually, even when I am not conscious of it.  

Art series with insects, clay using clay ink and transfers

detail photo showing sculptural leave design

detail shot showing high relief insect
The raku pot below is one that is similar to those I am firing tomorrow.  I used a raku glaze called Hawaiian Blue that is a matt glaze.  It brings out blues and coppers in the firing. You can see the leaves wrapping around the pot and folding to the inside.  

Raku sculptural Vase by Elizabeth Gordon

I will share the results of the firing tomorrow with you when they are complete.  Lets do art!
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