Monday, February 27, 2012

500 Years of Women in the Arts

Lets Celebrate Women in the Arts!!!!

While we are in the midst of a time that women's rights are being threatened I thought it best to take out time to honor women in the arts.  This is an interesting site on you tube several art videos that morph the subject matter.  If click on the arrow on her face it will start the video of 500 years of women in art.
I think it is time to honor some women artists on the site also, for their fight to be noticed in a male dominated art world has been a long and difficult one.  Museums and galleries often differ to male artist believing that might sell better or have more prestige.  Attitudes have been changing, but not nearly enough.  Many women have led the way....and groups like the gorilla girls that have called attention to the inequities, but there is much more to do.  So on this site we will highlight women artist in history and present day on a regular basis.  
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