Sunday, July 21, 2013

When You Meet The Art Before The Artist

For several years I had been going to the River Arts District in Asheville where there are wonderful art studios in old warehouses down by the French Broad River.  In years past Asheville was a very industrial town.  The large red brick warehouses are remnants of that time.  Artists are always need large spaces and love unused old buildings.  We are very good a turning around old dilapidated spaces into thriving areas of condos and shops and galleries that we then can no longer afford to be in! 
At any rate ever time I  would come to the River Arts area I would notice these giant ceramic statues and be in awe of who could make and fire such pottery pieces.  The artist, however never seemed to be in the studio on my rare visits.  This last time she was.  And I was so surprised, she was female and young.  In my minds eye I had created a male potter, big and strong to do such large pieces.  In the photo's below you see her working on smaller pieces, but the ones I love best are these giant sentinels that guard the garden outside the studio.  Now I will have to go back and get her name to share with you because I am on the road traveling and left her card at home.  But if you go to Asheville and go to the River Arts District, you will see these giant guards of the garden, go in and tell the artist Rabbit's Moon Studio sent you!

Large Ceramic Garden Statues 

Artist working on smaller pieces.

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