Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mountain Home and Studio

I recently did an art piece on the theme home.  It makes one think deeply about what home is about.  Is it a house, is it a place, or a feeling?  I have two homes I love and I am torn between them.  I love the mountains and their cool evenings and textured blue misty mounds.  I also love Florida with its tropical lush growth, water birds and beaches. I grew up in Florida, so the heat and humid air is something I am used to.  But then I discovered the mountains cool summer nights and lightning bugs flitting at sunsets edge.  I discovered rural farms and nature that is as much a part of me, as tropic breezes and palm trees rustling in the summer rains.  I am lucky, for right at this moment I do not have to choose between them and when the time comes I must choose, I do not know how I will give either up.  I will count my blessings now and consider myself a very fortunate person to know two worlds and love them both.

Rabbit's Moon Studio, Asheville

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