Thursday, July 18, 2013

There is nothing Sexier than a Working Studio and Gallery

There is nothing more sexy than the actual gritty down to Earth experience of clay....Remember the Scene from the movie  GHOSTS with Patrick Sweyze and Demi Moore?! Oh My!!!

The Absolute openness of this gallery and studio is its most special quality.  I have never met anyone who does not want to visit the artists studio!  It is like something magic happens there, and of course as artists, it does.  The very act of creativity is magic.  Rob and Beth are the owners and a husband and wife team. There is a third artists that works with them as well, and very often as on this day, an apprentice is at work learning the craft.  As you walk into the gallery you are immediately drawn back to the studio where the action is going on.  I have never been to Magnum that someone is not working away in the pottery area.  And what is even better you are invited to walk around, look. learn and ask questions! This is one friendly place, the studio dog even comes up and greets you. (and the studio dog is a rescue, what great people)

Magnum Pottery Studio, Weaverville, North Carolina  

 How to Make a 3D Heron

 First Step
Roll out slab of clay, draw image and cut

Second Step
Wet areas to be shaped

Rob wetting areas to be curved   
Step 3
Shape dampened edges
Rob demonstrating how to form the heron           photo by Elizabeth Gordon

Close up shots of shaping  head

Join the two sections, glaze and fire

Finished Product, Wonderful Shiny and New Herons Ready to Buy

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