Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Angles and Delails

I am forever looking at how things look from a different angle or with a super close up view.  I love to see what my camera sees, like it is another set of eyes that is different from my own.  The play of shadows and light, repeated circles and rings, the worn patina of chrome well used, the interplay of culture and how it comes into our worlds in significant and insignificant ways.  There is so much information our brains pick up, that we think we do not see, but it is there.  Hundreds and hundreds of images a day, our minds are like little computers recording it all...but only part of all this data are we even conscious of.  I was fascinated once when a hypnotist got a person to recall an event and pick up every detail in the room that they thought they had not noticed or seen.  Our minds are wonderful things, all of the abstract qualities we constantly take in...colors, textures, sensations, shadows, sound, movement and so much more.  We think as humans, for the most part, in practical ways.  Some of us are more practical and analytical that others, but the fact remains there are just hundreds of ways our brain senses our environment and world that we do not realize or yet understand.  I have learned that as much teaching special education students as low as a 25 IQ or less and I have learned it as of late with My Mother who suffered a servere hemorrhagic stroke and is now 100 years old.  I have seen how the brain works on all levels, in parts and in whole.  It is fascinating to observe.  But one must be aware and open minded and let go of much preconceived thought....even what doctors, teachers, and scientist my tell you. I have learned they can all be wrong.  Open you senses to all you experience, do not prejudge and you might be very amazed at what you notice and what you discover. 

photo by Elizabeth Gordon

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