Friday, July 12, 2013

The Art of Memory and Other Discussions

The Art of Memory

The is an interesting article on looking at memory in all its facets and how we utilize memory in our lives.  For artists it gives an insight in to how art and memory are linked.

The Importance of Memory(click for article)

My Mother Lela, and me with Coke
a time captured in cultural history and family history
Memory is an important part of what keeps society together, what shapes our culture, and what shapes us as individuals.  Everything we know is part of our memory: all our past experiences, all we have done. However, sometimes memory poses some problems- unpleasant memories can make us bitter, cold, vulnerable, angry, depressed, or scarred. We might get nightmares, have regrets, or have lingering antagonistic emotions from these memories. But think about this on a larger scale- the power that a nation's memory has. This includes present events, a culture's history, and anything associated with the past of a society. Learning about a civilization's history gives you great insight as to why a society is the way it is today. That said, what would happen if suddenly no one was able to access their history, and people stopped teaching it? Would the society change? Just as memory gives us wisdom as individuals, as a culture knowing about our past and our present gives us wisdom to see into the future. Memory of information and memory of experience allows people to advance on an individual and societal basis. But sometimes memories and histories come with negative aspects as well- sometimes people resent how their people have been treated in the past, and treat people unfairly or try to 'right' it by starting fights. This has led to wars and discrimination.
A society is based on its history and its present- this is memory.  If each individual goes through similar experiences, is taught similar things, chances are these people will be able to relate to each other on some level.  Being able to relate to each other and the things that connect us - news, media, current events, is what makes us a for more of article

Art Through Time/History and Memory(click for article)
My cousins Betty and Linda and myself at age 6
Memories of a Mississippi Summer 
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