Monday, July 1, 2013

The Coming Together/Convergence

Stage 4

The Coming Together

In this stage one has moved through the doubts, weathered the storm of negativity and self distraction/sabotage coming out on the other side of darkness to light.  I have faced my fears and stopped feeding them.  Now I am focusing on how the piece will work as a whole, what elements will tie it together for the finishing touches.  I still have the assembly and the practical parts of making the sculpture in  all its various parts stabile and durable for shipping and showing and handling. But now I can see all the elements working together, and I have found elements to unify the piece as a unit.  Now I know I can direct the viewers eye from one section to another and convey a unified message with many individual triggers of thought and meaning, like subtext. So if we think of this in literary terms, there is the body of the work, the title, the central theme, and then the chapters and sentences.  
photo of hand with world spinning resting precariously on man's finger tips
photo by Elizabeth Gordon of Elizabeth Gordon's art work.

I once worked at a writing focus school where I learned to team with writing teachers using art and writing to support each other.  I learned many of the art elements and processes parallel those in writing.  I thank those writing resource teachers for helping me to see the creative process in a different discipline.

science vials with insects and image transfer

Wasp nest on rusty disk
You will never know these wonderful women, one has passed away at a very young age to cancer. Janie 
Guillbalt you will always be in my heart.  Mary Osborn, who continues on fighting the battle in making writing important to a doubting bureaucracy.  To Christy Curran, an innovative teacher and writer who went on to work in the larger world of NYC and making a difference on a wider scale.  To all of these strong vibrant women I am thankful, for it enriched the lives of children and exposed them to importance of art and writing, but also it enriched me as an artist to have a clearer vision of my own art and the process of creation.
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