Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Grand Finale is a Celebration and a Letting Go


Understanding when you are finished, when anymore would be over doing, and knowing when to stop is the last phase.  You see it is time to stop, and feel it fits as a whole, that you feel it fits with you.  That is when I know I am done and nothing else I do will benefit the work. It is almost an audible clicking in my mind, done!  Now is the time to let go.  I have raised my child, we have grown together, and now we have competed our journey...I must let go now and send my piece I have struggled with and loved out into the world.  Will it do well, will it be understood, will it be received with thought.  That is mainly what I ask, whether you like a work or not, observe and think.  It is not my responsibility that you like my art work, only that you will interact and give consideration.  One artist I know says this gut wrenching for her to do, to put your most vulnerable inner self out for all to see the critics as well as the art lovers.  And being an artist means one must continually do this.  But in the letting go is the showing, it is an important process for an artist.  I know many artist who will never show their work, they get to this last stage but give their work away or hang it at home, give it to family or friends, or put it away.  The inherent risk of criticism and exposure is too much, but there within lies growth also.  It is critical to show, to share, to talk to people about your art. 
Finished Assemblage on Mountain studio steps

Side view

Detail shot of front upper section

Side view
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