Monday, July 22, 2013


Don't you think cats are quite artful?  I do, they just have this way about them posing and slinking about, teasing and flirting, and just when you think they will let you pet them.....poof they are gone.  Have you ever opened a door for a cat to go out or in?  It is an act of frustration, they can't decided, in or out, out or in...hmmmm what do I want to do !  Just keep holding the door open and look like a fool! This wonderful kitty with the fancy collar helps his owner at a jewelry store. Many of Asheville's shops have a resident cat or dog.  It is a very pet friendly town, even the restaurants have outdoor patio's where you dog can be with you while you eat.  I was thinking perhaps I should photograph all the dogs and cats that are in the shops, write down their stories and names, and make a calendar...what do you think?

photo work by Elizabeth Gordon

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