Saturday, July 27, 2013

Let Me Crochet You Up A Portrait!

Portraits by Crocheting? Yes You Heard Me Right!
Jo Hamiltons Amazing Crotchet Portraits           from Google image for educational purpose only

There are so many unusual applications of art lately in alternate methods.  Every thing from bottle caps, to pins, to food.  It is quite interesting to see all of the ways creative people come up with to translate their talent into visual images.  An art teacher friend sent this to me recently and I thought you would enjoy it also.  It is taking the craft of crocheting to a fine art.  I think of all the crocheting I watched my Grandmother and Mother's nimble fingers crafting bedspreads and clothing growing up. There were always crocheting needles about the house.  I know they thought I would carry on the heritage, but I got the art part of the genes, not the craft part.  
Recently in the St. Pete area of Florida they had a arty knitting project going on where things took a three dimensional form.
So now lets look at Jo Hamiliton's unique portraits in crocheting.

Jo Hamilton Crochet Art Portraits    from google for educational purposes
Jo Hamilton's Crochet Art Portraits   

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