Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Connoisseur

The Art Appreciators, The Art Lovers, The Connoisseur of Fine Things

There are many people who play a variety of roles in art.  There is the artists themselves, the gallery owners, art museums, critics, framers, newspaper reviewers, the general public, the collectors and the art lover. I think we often forget in the art world how important the role of the art appreciator is and in art education we often forget to understand the importance of that area as well.  Not all people who take art classes will become artists, but they do have a talent that can take years in the making.  To appreciate, to love art, to have a passion for creators and the creation takes a special person who has developed over time and evolved with experience and exposure to fine art.  There are appreciators in all fields, the stamp collector, the coin collector, antique doll collector and so on.  These people become educated in one subject, the gain an unparalleled knowledge of a particular area.  We all know the wine connoisseur as a fine appreciator...even movies are made about this type of hobby where we poke a bit of fun at how some people take it to extremes. ( Sideways)
The Connoisseur by Elizabeth Gordon
My friend and Connoisseur Excellent Sally
The Art world would not exist without the refined lover of art, without the collectors and the viewers. The better educated they are in their field the better it is for us as artists.  It is one of the reasons art education is so important.  Appreciation needs to be trained and educated. There are those who can teach themselves because they have a passion for art, but as a civilization we all become stronger if our citizen are nurtured in the arts in their whole education.  It is the same for music, writing, drama, dance and visual arts.  To have knowledge of something helps us to understand, to value, and to appreciate.  They do what the rest of us cannot do, they can value and discern with a keene eye from a view point that is solely dedicated to the love of the object before them. So it is with though we honor you and you skill and your love of the arts...Heres to you, our hats are off, The Art Lover, The Connoissuer-We cannot do with out you! 
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