Saturday, February 9, 2013


The Creative process is a surrender not a control.
Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

Gaudi            Photo by Elizabeth Gordon

I cannot tell you how many times as a teacher and as an artist this advice comes into play.  Elementary students were wonderful at being creative in Kindergarten and first grade, but not long after came the x out's and doubt.  Adult students are even much worse, the fear and self doubt of doing art is so great, it causes intense anxiety for many people.  Even practiced artists that have been trained to strictly face periods of not letting go and their work becomes stale and staid.  It is almost like being in a zone, like runners get, a meditative state where one consciously lets go and and goes with the flow without doubt and judgement of ones is hard to explain to students and other beginning artists.  And it is equally hard to tell people who want to do art, that until they do relinquish that control, their art will not achieve what aspire to.  There is a trusting of self and something beyonds ones self that is an unknown factor...but trust one must, and then the whole creative process just flows.  It is kind of like a free dive from a high dive, one jumps and trusts the water is below.  But it is not as scary as it seems, it is actually enjoyable once one learns the process...beyond enjoyable really...addictive and exciting and strangely peaceful.  Dive, you will flow....
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