Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Day My Camera Died!

photo by elizabeth gordon

My trusty little lumix digital camera by panasonic has done me good stead.  I carry it in my pocket of a jacket or jeans and it just fits.  It doesn't get treated with great tenderness.  It has wonderful color, but only has one fault..it seems easy for dust to get into the camera body and then I can't get it out so I buy another.  No one wants to fix it, because it would cost more than just buying a new one.  This particular day my camera seemed to go haywire, the focus was all skewed.  But I thought it was neat and kept taking photos.  There are some new low end cameras made to do just this.  No more than I had taken three or four photo's then it healed itself and has since worked perfectly.

I think the message of this experience is to work with mistakes as they happen and you can be insured they will happen.  The one thing you can be most certain is that won't happen is that everything will go perfectly.  And I think you really don't want it to go that smoothly or where would the learning take place.  It is when things take a different path than we had intended we are forced out out comfort zone or boxed in way of perceiving and create something new.  I used to tell my students, mistakes are the best thing that happen to us!  They looked at me incredulously, certainly that couldn't be so when every other teacher they had marked a mistake with a big red X.  

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