Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Edouard Manet 
was upset with some horrible reviews of his art work.  He was so upset he challenged the critic to a duel with swords!  In 1870 Manet had had enough of bad review and one from Duarnty just one too many.  In a cafe, he slapped him with gloves and challenged him to fight.   Neither man knew any thing of fencing and all that ended up happening was bent swords and a scratch to Duarnty's chest.  Manet was satisfied, each man shook hands and went on their way.

Edouard Manet             google for educ. uses only         

It is hard to imagine in these days, such a thing happening.  We all know how hard as artist it is to take criticism which can come from many quarters: newspaper reviews, art critics, gallery owners and the general public.  But if you are going to show your work, that is just part of the game.  Basically you have to believe in yourself, and let the criticism roll off you back.  At outdoor shows people will say anything while you are sitting right there!  It is quite amazing, but again one has to consider the source.  Other wise I am not sure what we would use for a dueling source these days, twitter or facebook I suppose?!
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