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Stained Glass with a Sense of Humor
Bart Simpson on the Cross?

Comic Book Figures in Stained Glass?

R Crumb Glowing through the Windows?

YES! This is all the work of Joseph Cavalieri's stained glass art. Joseph started out as an advertising artist and layout director, but wanted to be his own boss and be more creative.  He had grown up in the Catholic Church and looked more at the glowing brightly colored windows than listened to mass! As I can well relate to as a child I sat in the long wooden pews of the Souther Baptist Church and drew my heart out!
Joseph thought at the time perhaps the windows were to keep one from looking out if bored by what was inside.  
So he wanted his art work to glow, to be glowing posters and he decided to try the ancient art of stained glass, but he added a twist of his own.  He painted, he silk screened, he adding decals, and he fired it all.  Not all of his work is humorous, but all of his work is fascinating and takes stained glass to a fine arts level.  I think you will like this work as much as I do.  So treat you self and click on all the links to learn more.  Perhaps you might try your art in glass and see what media always challenges us as artists and helps us grow.  Enjoy!

Bart Simpson on the Cross  A bit sacrilegious perhaps, but with humor.  Cartoon Characters were used with Simpson Producers permission
by Joseph Cavalieri.   They actually have his work hanging in their corporate offices.

from google image for educational use only.

Influenced by R Crumb, cartoon artist of the 30's
Commissioned for a Historical Museum  
                      Video /click on arrow
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