Friday, February 1, 2013



I want you to meet an artist from the Netherlands I came across on line.  I love her work and think you will also. His work is, too me, impressionist landscape.  It reminds of the master painters of that period, loose yet skilled.  I talked to Roos on line and she agreed to let me share her information.  I put a link for you when you click on her name above.  We will ask her to do an article and post for you as well.  You can like her page on Facebook and her is a link to her blog: Roos Schuring Blog

This is an excerpt from Roos site describing her experience:

"Having decided to become a painter at a very young age, Roos Schuring studied Graphic Design ('91-'97) aiming to earn a steady income. Her art business was founded in 1996. After a few years combining the two, she made a turn to painting full time, 14 years ago. The last 10 years have been dedicated to plein air painting exclusively.

Roos Schuring is much appreciated for her loose brushwork, mixtures of greys and natural palette. Her fearless attitude while painting under (extreme) weather circumstances, brought lot's of visibility on various platforms, such as in articles in newspapers and magazines, on tv and 
in social media." 

Roos Schuring Seascape Painter from the Netherlands                       google with the artists permission

additional link...Holland Art(click)
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