Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Work Ethic Of Chris, Martin and Sean and Cassandra

As an artist and teacher myself I am always interested in peoples working styles.  I am a procrastinator  by nature and a bit lazy...thought I suspect it has more to do with self sabotage that anything else.

Martin Stynes, Christopher Burdett , Cassandra Gordon Harris,  Sean Starwars are artists who I watch often, among others.  But it is their work ethic that has captured my awe and my attention. They are constantly working, producing and seeking new challenges.

Christopher Burdett at Comi-Con                             Fantasy Artist

Christopher Burdett is an artist and fantasy illustrative artist that I have known since he was born some 38 years ago.  He is the son of one of my very best friends, who was a excellent high school art teacher.  Chris amazes me because I have been able to watch his progress since he was just an infant. His Father was a environmentalist for the State of Florida and his Mother an high school art teacher.It is interesting to see how both influences  show strongly in his work.  All the creatures and wild life that he was exposed to as a young child come to life strongly in his art work.  Crabs, insects, frog, reptiles all turn into part monster, part creature in his fantasy world.  Chris has worked on movie sets in Hollywood, designed art for Dungeon and Dragons and often has a booth at Comi-con.  He drawings are extraordinary and his drawing skill is unparalleled. He works a day job creating web pages and drawing for software programs, then comes home to hours of free lance work. He also does a blog about his art, and generously shares with others.

Martin Stynes          Abstract Landscape Artist

Martin Stynes is a wonderful artist and man I met in on line artist groups.  We have featured Martin here before and admired his abstract landscape paintings. Martin is from Manchester, England.  He has been a professor and artist in his life.  He is now a proud Grandfather of Boss George (as he calls him).
But Martin does not slow down, he is painting, entering shows, and showing in galleries.  On line he is generous and supportive of artists and all who come into his realm.  He also pairs music with on line slide shows in an innovative way for all to enjoy and experience art. Martin produces more paintings than I can imagine monthly and is constantly sharing with others.  He networks with the world at large daily and is open to any new venue or idea.  He is a wise man and a deep thinker...and I think a visionary who enjoys looking into realms of science and thought that make him a renaissance man.

Sean Starwars                              Outlaw Printmaker         

Sean Starwars is an artist and high school art teacher in Mississippi.  He received his masters in printmaking at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   His style reminds one of R Crumb and he belongs to a group known as the Outlaw Printmakers.  He prints are made from wood carving.  And once again, in all these men is a common trait...generosity.  He travels constantly doing shows and workshops, but also sharing his art world with others. He is a big bear of a man with a shock of blonde hair, four children and a supportive wife.  He teaches, comes home and starts doing art.  I often see him up late sharing new prints or his excitement about a new show with others.  I know, as a past teacher, he has to get up the next morning and face 30 kids, grade papers, and a million other duties.  Sean's work is exciting and bold in line and design..he harkens to a new movement of printmakers who break all the rules.

Cassandra Gordon Harris   Painter 

Cassandra Gordon Harris is an amazing artist.  I first met her sitting on an arts organization for ACE (Arts for a Complete Education) that promotes the arts in schools and communities. Her works is shown in galleries in the United States and worldwide.  She has had a long career completely devoted to the arts during good times and bad...she always does her art.   And her art is ever evolving and aspiring to greater and greater artistic heights.  Her paintings are honest, inquiring, visionary, and etherial all at once.  She produces at an amazing rate, no matter what the circumstances are in her life.  She is wise, intellectual, and willing to look honestly and deeply at life-a rare quality.

I admire these four artists more than I can say and they influence me heavily in how artists need to approach their art.  They put me to shame, but in example urge me on to get busy and just do art!
You may know artists like these successful four, or you may one yourself....or you could be like me, making excuses and putting blocks in the way where they need not be.  But I thank these four and many others for motivating me and others to do the same!

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