Tuesday, February 12, 2013


These set of pictures was taken at the back side of Tampa Bay looking toward St. Petersburg.  It is only ten minutes from my house and in that time I can be back in a world that speaks of old Florida.  Here I can see Spoonbill Rosettes glide softly into the mangroves to roost for the evening.  Ibis, herons, and egrets fly in at sunset all looking for a safe nights rest.  Sunsets are something that happen every day of our lives, and they are easy to take for granted.  But we should not take them for granted, each is a miracle and a wonder of color and natures drama that closes our day.  The colors are ever changing, minute by minute, the shadows offer more contrast as the sun gives us its last glimpse.  Many artists paint just sunsets or sunrises, trying to capture the wonder they see. Some artists use the experience is a less literal way, but just as effectively.  And for some artists it is just the exposure to natures beauty that generates the artistic impetus to create.  But it is a daily miracle that we should stop and note, drink in like a fine wine, sip and enjoy.  Not to worry if you miss one, there is one everyday!

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