Friday, February 22, 2013


Good Things Happen, 
We Just have to Take Notice!

These Three to Five Year Olds Self Portraits in Clay Will Amaze!

Kathy Penia is a teacher in the Tampa recreation program who teaches adults and children.  She takes great delight in working with the youngest of students with their parents.  I think it is a win-win situation when you can educate the parent and the child at the same time!  Kathy does that and with great delight.  
These self portraits in clay were just awesome.  She helped to build the form that the students would put their faces and hair on, but the result is phenomenal. 
Kathy talked to the students about great artists and how they did self portraits.  "What if your picture was the only one and it had to tell about you for all time?" She said to the students.  They listened with great awe and wide eyes.  The details and the freshness with the children's interpretation of themselves is amazing. It is no easy feat, as a teacher, to get such details out of children and very young children at that. Great job Kathy!  I think you will agree.  

Self Portraits  in Clay                                 photo by elizabeth gordon

The Girl with the Big Eyes!

Eyebrows, highbrows

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!!

I just love these teeth and glasses!

hair, hair, hair

Sparkling eyes and heart locket

   They almost look like they are coming to life!                         photo by elizabeth gordon


The City of Tampa on the Gulf Coast of Florida is like many towns some good things happen and some bad things happen...and then some really good things happen that can become great things!

City Recreation and Parks started adding Art Studio's to their existing recreation buildings in different areas of the city.  Some of the areas are in economically challenged areas and others are not.  These Art Studios hired qualified art teachers to teach ceramics (wheel throwing), jewelry, glass fusion and stained glass, print making, photography and many other programs.  They provide programs for adults and children.  
Why this is a very good thing is the recreation buildings are all over the city and to expand the program would take very little.  It is kind of a diamond in the rough, that the city doesn't recognize the value of what they have.
Where ever you live this is a program that can be replicated and your community too can offer quality arts programs. Call the city of Tampa Recreation and Parks department and ask them about their studio arts program, they will be glad to offer help.(click)
 The key word is quality and qualified teachers.  I cannot tell you the difference art education makes in a community, it lifts the whole community and its level of art appreciation and creativity.  

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