Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I was very impressed with this commercial and creative venture.  Six million dollars of investment to save a wonderful historic building that is a piece of art work in itself.  Durham is a wonderful city with unique art deco factories that dot the city.  There are many cities in the United States and no doubt in your area also that are old, aging and neglected. My home, Tampa, has over a hundred lovely huge brick cigar factories that are going to ruin.  When someone with vision and some with with money and vision meet then we get projects like the Golden Belt.  It takes both groups. We have all seen when artists try without the commercial help they need, and when money is thrown about without vision.  It is best when we join together artist and business persons of vision and form new ways of thinking and living.  The studio's themselves were to die brick, roomy and large ceiling to floor windows.  If you are in the Durham area, I highly advise a visit! If you are considering such a venture in your area, then consider using this successful model and a guide.

Highly successful use of design and old

I love the way they left the walls pealed and chipped, but painted
a slick modern design on top!  Cool!!

Golden Belt from the rear parking lot
it is a huge complex

I thought seeing the layout would also help those
considering a project like this to better envision the whole concept.

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