Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Walk on the Wild Side

 Rust colored sedge grasses of the Cudo Reserve           photo by elizabeth gordon
South Carolina 
Sun light dancing on the waters of Lake Santee Cooper

A Winters view...too cold for the alligators to sun
 Santee Cooper Lakes
As we drive Southward and leave the big city of D.C. behind, the weather warms, the landscape changes from wild things of urban living to wild things of nature.  Today I saw an Eagle carrying something in his talons flying low...such a rare view and now etched in my mind with other times driving through the Cudo Reserve.  Once an owl flew down and snatched a snake much too big for him.  Watching the ensuing struggle was quite a memorable event as the owl was quite determine to take his dinner home, but to no avail.  15 feet alligators lounge along the lake shores and pileated woodpeckers dart from tree to tree.  I often thing nature may be the greatest art and perhaps our ability to see and appreciate her masterwork makes us the artist as well.

Vertical lines mirror in the swampy inlet 

Not edible just for viewing

Reeded grass inviting a red wing black bird, but not yet

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