Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monet in London, Turner in London

Impressionist Paint London Harbor

I find it so interesting when painters paint the same image, whether it is in a similar time or artistic style. There are far more examples of that in art history than one would image.  For many years copying a master was a way people learned to paint.  One can still go to the Louvre or other famous museums and see easels set up and students at work.  But when masters artists paint the same image it sends another message I think, other than copying or being a student.  I think it is a way of helping us see the world or visual images in alternate worlds...through the worlds of each artist painting.  We see the world through that artist eyes, through all the education and life influences that led him or her to that moment.  In these two paintings we see similarity, but great differences as well.  Turner and Monet were impressionist, but one is English and one is French.  How do their cultures influence them and their backgrounds.  I think it is worth asking these questions, and looking into the answers.  And that we will do in the next post.  If you an art historian or have knowledge in this area, please feel free to add to the conversation.  We welcome your comments.

Claude Monet   London Harbor                       google image, for educational purposes only

Turner London Harbor                                  google image, for educational purposes only

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