Friday, January 4, 2013

Look at your world of art elements and principals!

Line in the chair back, pattern and unity on the tile floors
Columbia, Tampa

Pattern and Texture and Unity
They are there everyday, you may not name them or know them, but part of our human function of order and arrangement is a long formed sense of placement over 1000 of years, many cultures and many creative ideas: they are  the elements and principals of art!  

Dominance shape form line

Texture   line  form              South Carolina Refuge Park

  Line and shape,  Metairie Louisiana 

unity              Jacksons Square New Orleans

line  and color, Lake Pontchartrain 

Repetition and Unity and Shape Mac Dill AFB, Tampa

Asheville, North Carolina    Repetition and shape and form

Lake Santee, South Carolina    texture

line  Asheville, North Carolina

Leicester, North Carolina          line and repetition

shape, form, color and Unity

Asheville, North Carolina line, perspective, shape

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