Monday, January 7, 2013

The Art of Nature is Ever Inspiring for Me!

You may note a few changes with the Rabbit's Moon Studio Blog.
And a visit to Shim's Creek, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina for your virtual trip.   

Hooded Merganser                                      google image

 Thank to some wonderful technical efforts of nephews and nieces we have polished up the site  and made some of the connections link better.  Now our etsy shop link for jewelry works and we are in the process of putting up more jewelry.  The spoonflower site icon is smaller and on the left hand side bar.  There will be a few more changes to make things easier for you to  access and make it user friendly. So a special thank you goes out to Aaron, Susan and Jared. Aaron and Susan have wonderful blog themselves called BitTyrant Farm that you might also want to check out.  I am a lucky Aunt to have such talented young people in my life.  

A further note of interest in my short stay in Charleston this time, on a walk out on the board walks of Shim Creek we were fortunate enough to see some wonderful birds.  It was raining and bone chilling cold, but worth the effort.  We saw white egrets and a hooded Merganser!  A first personal siting for me with the Merganser, what beautiful birds.  Other than the Sandhill Crane and Painted Bunting I don't know a prettier work of art in the nature of birds.  I owe my love of birds to my Mother and Father, who both loved nature, grew up in rural areas and passed on their love for the environment and all its creatures to us.  
As an artist when I think of birds and nature, of course I think of Audubon and his intensive study and journals and documentation of Florida birds.  
In Tampa we have an artist who is doing something similar and worth our notice. His name is John Costin.

The Etchings of John Costin

 He is a print maker, an etcher of enormous talent.  He is in the process of making a large book with all his individual rivals Audubon and will some day be noted as such.  It will be in the library of congress as well.  It is so interesting to know someone now, who probably in historic terms, will be a chronicler of aviary life.  I encourage you to get to know him.  I think you will be the richer for it.

google image

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