Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time Lapse in Sepia on a D.C Winters' Night

Photography is my tool in hundreds of way.  

I have never claimed to be a photographer, but just an observer.  I record as a journal, a diary, a memory, a feeling, a tender fleeting moment, a glimpse in time in the present once recorded is immediately in the past a captured image, a inquiry in to time and its meaning, an paint brush, an etching tool, ....hundreds of things I choose to do with a little point and shoot camera. I use a Lumix with 16 times focus.  It fits in a pocket easily, and captures spontaneous moments. I am happy with the color as well.  I would like an even more powerful zoom however.
 I am not picky about skill, and perhaps I should be...but art is intuitive to me and my experience in life is much that way.  The moment and how I react to it are usually paramount to me...for life is a journey, an experience, and an experiment for me.  Life for you may be very different, but I offer you a view of my journey as an artist, teacher and fellow human being.

New Hampshire Street   Washington D.C.

View from friends house with hands

Pearl Necklace of water droplets on barren branches

I love the look of the lighting here and the linear contrast of the branches

There is so little light here, and I could have lightened it up, but this if how we see scenes often...just a bit of reflected light on a wet pavement

Even though the cars are here, with the lighting and look I could be in a much earlier time period in Washington D.C, with carriages rattling by.

The soft glow of street lights remind me of London as well.

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